Sunday, April 22

Two More New Japanese Rarities!

Jean Brismée's Devil's Nightmare (1971) and Bruno Mattei's Women's Camp 119 (1977) on the Sony Exciting label! Both are quite scarce with Women's Camp 119 being the rarer of the two. The Exciting sublabel produced just over forty titles and as the catalog deepened production numbers dwindled for each release. Devil's Nightmare is their fifth title while Mattei's Nazisploitation opus clocks in at number forty-one. Both are in stunning condition and I must thank the always great Eddie (terror-fantastic over on eBay) and Bill Knight of Midnight Legacy for the opportunity to snag these!  

Monday, April 16

Two New Babies!

Big thanks Kelly Forbes of Fangoria for the opportunity!

Sunday, April 15

Still Alive: First Blood Part II: The Quickening

Getting even crazier with the Japanese tapes!

Friday, April 6

Say Hello to the New Baby...


Sunday, April 1

Some Pics from This Morning's Massive (Mostly) Mexican Tape Score!


Unexpectedly, I've never seen this video before, my Madera Cinevideo clamshell of Juan López Moctezuma's Alucarda (1978), seen here, now has its "mate" in the Madera clam of Moctezuma's 1973 debut film,         The Mansion of Madness (Mansión de la locura). you dare tread upon the staircase?

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