Sunday, August 24

Hiatus Explanation, Not Dead and Will Be Back...

Just 'cuz I watched this classic last night
Hi guys, just a quick update on the status of Basement of Ghoulish Decadence and its author. Well, first off I'm sorry posts were spotty and then this little blog suddenly flat-lined. Back in March, the day after my Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom write-up, I had the damn luck of having a house fire due to a still unexplained wiring fault. Thankfully, no one was injured, but my dogs and cats sadly perished. Despite the fire being confined, soot damage was tremendous especially downstairs. Literally it was as if flat-black spray paint was layered from floor to ceiling. TVs melted off their wallmounts, windows shattered, and canned foods exploded across the house from the ignition point. Although ash got into virtually everything to some extent. My collection suffered a bit and it took an incredible amount of meticulous cleaning, that's still ongoing, to get things both big and small to approach normalcy again.

The worst aspect, outside of the loss of my pets, was the fire destroying the main junction box. The process of restoring the house's electrical wiring is another ongoing and rather frustrating element. This is where BoGD's hiatus comes in, having none and now minimal electricity has hampered daily life, and I've been mostly limited to mobile Internet access. Hence my continued activity over on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to friend or follow me, please feel free, it's like this blog in microcosm. I'm still watching, collecting, and trying to get to flea markets when I can.

Also, my father suddenly passed away peacefully in his sleep several weeks ago. Of course, I love and miss him dearly, but more immediately he was an immeasurable help in the post-fire repair. So it's been harder since and I've been trying to be proactive both for my own and my mother's sanity. Now, I'm not posting any of this for sympathy. I just felt the need to update those, if anyone is, still stopping in periodically. I haven't abandoned this blog and won't, but inevitably life encroaches on the fun and dampens it for awhile. This time life struck big time.

I hope to be back sometime in the coming weeks because I truly miss babbling here and delivering my half-assed insight about whatever. Before all this, I also just began writing for HorrorTalk, and being great guys (and gals) they've been nothing but understanding and I'll be firing back up there as well. So thanks to everyone for the kind condolences and those who've inquired about the long absence. I'll be back and hope to begin sharing brighter days with all of you again. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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