Sunday, October 17

Candyman (1992) - 2002 Tri-Star/Sony Pictures VHS

This VHS cover for Bernard Rose's superb Candyman is completely new to me. Sony seems to have been tinkering with the artwork of their late era tapes. Like the 2002 VHS of 976-EVIL, the Candyman art below is different from Tri-Star's 1998 DVD counterpart (seen here). Maybe this was to differentiate the tape from the relatively new (and gaining marketplace traction) DVD format. Can't say I like this cover at all, but it is interesting since I was thoroughly unconcerned with watching or buying anything on VHS by 2002. Candyman is in desperate need of a fresh transfer for Blu-ray; both DVD editions feature an identical, nearly fifteen-year-old transfer.

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Cinema Du Meep said...

Would love to see a spiffy transfer of it as well. Candyman rules. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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