Monday, December 13

Severed Ties (1992) - 1992 Columbia Tri-Star Home Video VHS

I was originally going to do a more fleshed out write-up for this inaugural Fangoria Films production still only available on tape--that was before actually watching. Severed Ties is one of those films that would be quite serviceable if other, superior examples of its concept didn't already exist. In this case; the work of Henenlotter, Gordon, Barker, and Cronenberg. There's countless flicks that are the horror equivalent of "near beer", but this one gives of the vaguely insulting vibe all that's required to be great is to simply lift ideas from the aforementioned and haphazardly slop them together because, you know, horror fans just love this shit. Even some (weak) KNB-powered puppetry and MPAA-safe "splatter" can't right this sinking ship. A wasted opportunity that's depressingly silly from the moment your VCR first draws the tape against its spinning drum. Classic's review nails my sentiments.

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