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Hellraiser (1987) - 1989 Daewoo/Saeshin Youngsang South Korean VHS

Due to the strict censorship of South Korea's film ratings board, it's a foregone conclusion Clive Barker's classic screen debut fell under the scissors, so this tape is pretty much just an curious obscurity. It is a bit odd and interesting as to what was sliced and what was left in. So much remains that what was excised doesn't seem to lessen the impact. It's also funny to note how the film has always been available uncut just a relatively short distance away in Japan.
  • Frank's initial meeting with the box is missing the last of the three "hook-into-flesh" digs.
  • Afterward the short tracking shot of the jumbled mess that once was Frank and Pinhead's hand sorting through the gore to find pieces of his ripped apart face is missing. The shot of Pinhead placing the pieces together is intact.   
  • The shot of Frank and Julia laying naked in bed right after Larry's hand catches a nail is missing (maybe from seeing male genitalia for a split second), the sex beforehand is intact as well as all the bloody shots of Larry's wounded, dripping hand.  
  • Frank's "re-birth" is complete with the brain reforming reverse stop motion shots taken from an inferior, matted source with a noticeable switch between shots. 
  • The close-up shot of the first hammer victim's face with smashed jaw and teeth is missing. Otherwise, it's the slightly longer version of the death cut from other versions.
  • The shots of Frank twirling upside down covered in blood when he shows Julia his tortures from the box are missing.     
  • While the shot of the squirming rats nailed to the wall is included, the shot of Frank filleting a dead rat while Julia and Larry are in bed is missing. 
  • Frank's "re-death" is fully intact with all the hook digs, big spine tearing hook, "Jesus wept", and millisecond body explosion shot.     

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