Saturday, July 7

New Video: Some Tips on Collecting Japanese VHS Tapes



Dr Blood said...

Very informative.

logboy said...

ok. found your blog yesterday. I've looked at j auctions or items a lot, & bought items is friends in Japan too, but not tapes - I just don't collect them. wondering, if you dislike stickers & fade, other condition issues, & you're not seemingly after certain films (or versions, cuts) then I guess you like the look? why not buy chirashi? much cheaper, no condition issues, lots of sellers with decades of inventory as its a big field of collecting in Japan cos it saves space. can supply what links I have, if you want :

as for a tip on locating things, if you learn katakana, which is quite quick & easy, you can find a way into Japanese site pages for western words associated with a film. if you're keen on a certain director, find their name in katakana & look up their jmdb entry, find the film with the date that's comparable to the jmdb entry.

finally, I think yahoo auctions searches titles only, until you're browsing a specific category & then it looks at descriptions also.

best reason for j VHS tapes, I suppose, is the bigger dominance & reliance upon the rental market which made sure tapes were much higher quality that counterparts from around the world... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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