Saturday, May 11

Tidbits concerning this Wizard Video Bootleg Fiasco...

Yesterday I posted a now deleted entry about the Tokyo-based movie shop Video Market tweeting out an image (see here) showing that they now have Wizard's new big boxes on their shelves. Well, I wanted to post about that, but I was also hesitant to point out another bit of interesting news from a few days ago. Forgoing any names; no one wants Charles Band crawling up their ass, a fine young entrepreneur has created an answer to this shady line of Wizards--a high quality bootleg Wizard VHS of Troll (1986).

If you've been following this drama, you're probably aware that with every order of a new Wizard big box comes a "exclusive" Full Moon DVD of the John Carl Buechler film. Wizard proper never released Troll onto VHS, so this sly bootleg was made both to parody and commemorate the whole farce. Sticking it to the Band, sort of speak...

The extremely limited VHS (only 20) was set to go on sale today at the 2nd Annual Horror VHS Collector's Unite VHS Convention at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. Sorry about not saying anything sooner, but given how unpredictable Band can be defending his own licenses while disregarding those of others; I didn't want to post this beforehand to catch any potential ire. It's safe to expect some copies sold there to pop up on eBay sooner rather than later. Considering the wild auction prices for new cult VHS releases lately...let the wars begin.

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R.Sterling Carody said...

Man, that is too funny. Stick it to the band. That needs to be a T-shirt. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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