Thursday, July 18

Psycho III (1986) - 1987 Universal/CIC Video Japan VHS

Upon mentioning this Anthony Perkins-directed sequel on BoGD's Facebook page, the head of Video Hate Squad commented that "[Psycho III] feels very much like it's throwing Norman into a genre he very much influenced." I couldn't have said it any better. While the previous sequel (mostly) successfully falls in tone with Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece, this one looks and functions like a general slasher-thriller of the '80s. Perkins lets Bates loose in full, nasty bloom and it's safe to say the character is solidified as a horror icon here. Pretentious critics and historians love to hijack Bates as iconic for all of film, and while that's valid, it stings of disdain toward the genre Hitchcock greatly influenced (Jaws often also suffers this backhandedness). There's nothing too special about this Japanese tape other than being rare in such fully unfaded condition. The picture quality is quite nice being noticeably brighter and more colorful than Universal's DVD.  

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