Saturday, May 10

Argento's OPERA (1987) debuts on Blu-ray in Japan...

Kadokawa/Eclipse is set to release Dario Argento's Opera (Terror at the Opera) (1987) on Blu-ray in Japan on July 25th. Unfortunately, details on supplements either haven't been announced yet or perhaps this edition, along with a new DVD, might be barebones. However; this both marks the film's debut on Blu-ray anywhere and the first time a release has been seen on DVD or BD in Japan.

These editions are also being heavily touted as the 107 minute uncut version, as the Japanese theatrical release was cut by some twelve minutes. The Blu-ray is advertised as featuring English audio, but only in standard Dolby Digital Mono. Both editions have Italian as their main tracks, with the BD in DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, but only with Japanese subtitles.

Here's the listing for the Blu-ray with a pre-order price of about $37 USD. The picture format on the listing incorrectly states 1.78:1, which I'm assuming is a mistake like many new Amazon listings tend to be. Eclipse's BD/DVD trailer is seen below (in the film's correct aspect ratio).


Dick said...

Thanks for the news on this - I'm debating on ordering it or not (there rumors of a Region 1 release from Synapse at some point). Always loved this film and IMO it's one of Argento's best.


Snake Plissken said...

Would love to get a copy of this in blu-ray...

One of my favorites from Dario. Also I like the two heavy metal tunes in the soundtrack, from an unknown italian band named GOW who used a nickname as Steelgrave. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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