Saturday, January 31

Invitation to Hell...ish DVD

I just received Sarcophilous Films' Invitation to Hell / The Last Night DVD Double Bill a few days back after pre-ordering weeks ago. The standard unsigned edition, #88 out of a limit of 1,000 for $25 + s/h. Crushing disappointment ensued. Despite Sarcophilous Films making the DVD out to be an A #1 effort via their pretty website, the transfers of both features are truly horrendous.

Both transfers are plagued with artifacts, combing, print damage, and worse yet The Last Night is obviously from a shitty VHS source. I'd recommend checking out the dollar store Invitation to Hell DVD versions to see if you like the film first. I honestly doubt they could look any worse than what we see here. Big fans need only apply (the extras are solid at least) to Sarcophilous's questionable maiden voyage into the land of digital.

Invitation to Hell (16:9, interlaced) (click to enlarge)

The Last Night (16:9, interlaced) (click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

If you bothered to read the infortmative and heavily-detailed description of our debut project on our website you would have been fully aware of the issues surrounding the master sources available to us for our release and would have known in advance not to expect a top-rate quality image and sound on these two ultra-rare titles!
Thanks for your purchase though...too kind!


Sarcophilous Films

Jayson Kennedy said...

Thanks Wayne, but my primary gripe is not the master sources, the encoding of the transfers completely sucks. Interlace combing and MPEG-2 block artifacts simply aren't on the film stock end. It's all on the digital end. Either not enough care (or no care at all) was placed in the encoding process or too much was crammed onto one DVD. It's screamingly obvious, especially to one who has thousands upon thousands of DVDs. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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