Saturday, January 31

We Are The Monster Squad!

I can't really say anything new about this well-deserving cult classic. I believe it to be a better film than Dekker's previous Night of the Creeps, despite the absence of the man himself Tom Atkins. The chemistry between the child actors is excellent and the entire film doesn't look down upon its core audience of children. Assuming they're smart enough to follow the arcs and get the comedy held within. The budget limitations do show themselves a bit. The corner cutting done to push the story along is evident. Though the zeal and energy the film contains makes up for any such slight incontinence. Not to the mention the monsters just look great.

It's a damn shame Dekker has all but vanished as a director, only going on to do an episode of the Robocop series. His two film features show an eye for composition not only in the frame, but also in concept. I guess two excellent '80s chestnuts are better than nothing...still those memories of staying up late to see these reside in my most cherished of childhood.


KFelon said...
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KFelon said...

Dekker should be a much bigger name than he is. A shame his career washed up somehow, because unlike Creeps, Monster Squad was a hit with the kids even when it came out.

Anonymous said...

Saw this in the theater when I was 6 years old. Finally saw it again for the first time about a year ago when it was finally released on dvd. Still great. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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