Tuesday, October 12

Strike Commando (1987) - 1987 Cinema International Corporation Video Japan VHS

 An absolute trash action classic from Bruno Mattei starring the immortal Reb Brown that deserves to be held in the same light as Troll 2.
This is CIC's "budget" $40 release, visit Japanese VHS Hell for a scan of the $180 rental release.


Jack J said...

It's cool to be lucky sometimes. I won the ex-rental tape for $48 on eBay in January!!! :D

David A. Zuzelo said...

The barrel of the gun in this image is PRICELESS. Big gun, teeny weeny bullets, but a lot of them!

Jayson Kennedy said...

I find it strange how the U.S. VHS cover has a better likeness of Brown with full "BLARGH!" face:


It's just crazy to think someone cared enough to do two commissioned illustrations for this flick! Still love those IMDB comments on that link too!

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