Wednesday, January 26

Baby Blood (1990) - Shorn Video Japan VHS

Just found out this had a 2008 sequel, Lady Blood, directed by Jean-Marc Vincent with Emmanuelle Escourrou reprising and Philippe Nahon amongst the cast. The trailer doesn't look that great, but these English interviews over at DeVilDead are still interesting.


Thomas Duke said...

I love this movie, and I had no idea there was a sequel. Thanks for the heads up.

bruce holecheck said...

The label's actually Horn Video -- the left side of their logo is a drawing, not an S.

I remember how excited I was to get the prerecord years back (before uncut copies were readily available), only to find it was fullframe and in French. :-(

Has LADY BLOOD actually been released anywhere? I'm dying to see it; hopefully it recaptures some of the fun of the original! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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