Tuesday, January 18

The Making of Star Wars as told by C-3PO and R2-D2 (1977) - 1980 Magnetic Video Corporation VHS

Definitely one of the rarest tapes in my collection and also one of the rarest in home video pioneer Magnetic Video's catalog. This VHS was originally released in 1979, the first Star Wars-related material on home video, and then re-issued a year later with a special trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. A trailer that can still only be found on this tape. In 1995, Kellogg's offered a cereal mail-in offer for a new edition of the making-of, but dropped the Empire trailer and replaced William Conrad's original narration. This might also mark the debut of a complete, unfaded picture of the cover on the Internet. The only other image I can find is a cut box with bleached colors.


Dylan S said...

I have this VHS too, purchased at a Blockbuster VHS sale nine or ten years ago. My cover's slightly more faded but the tape (which I played a couple times the year I bought it) plays fine and it's neat to see the "Empire" trailer.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Sweeeeet find bro-ham! Look at that strange little cutout on the front cover. Nice!

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