Saturday, November 24

How to find two now out-of-print MGM Horror DVDs cheap...

Once I think Big Lots is done with getting in surprisingly good titles at three (or a little more) bucks a pop, they always manage to pull in more. After striking out at the freezing outdoor flea markets, I traveled over to Big Lots and was plowed by the numerous stacks of discs I hadn't seen there previously. While picking through I noticed a shelf devoted to $7 multi-movie, single case collections from New Line, Fox, Warner, and MGM that have become popular via Wal Mart as of late.

I came across MGM's often seen Return of the Living Dead/Swamp Thing/Bucket of Blood/Frogs set several times, but then another MGM movie set pictured to right appeared that I've never come across. Definitely the better deal out of the two, but most awesomely the set includes William Wesley's underappreciated Scarecrows (1998) and MGM's new 2.35:1 widescreen transfer of Sometimes They Come Back (1991). The singular discs of the films from 2007 have gone out-of-print with collector prices inching ever higher. After only finding just one copy, I immediately figured a measly seven bucks was a steal just considering the $30-40+ ranges of the aforementioned films, but then at the register the set rang up for only $4.00! Can't beat that!

I also pictured Dominic Perez's Evil Things (2009) because afterward I trekked over to Best Buy and found Inception Media's DVD marked at $9.99 only to ring up for $4.99. I still feel bad about never reviewing it awhile back since the nifty "FBI-styled" DVD-R screener was terminally flaky in all of my players, so now at least I finally get to check it out at half price.

Here's a list of some of the more "interesting" discs seen or picked up at Big Lots:
  • The Lost Boys (single disc), Lost Boys: The Tribe, Lost Boys: The Thirst (all $3)
  • Candyman (SE), Return of the Vampire (1944), The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958) (all $3)
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Parts 2-5, Freddy's Dead (New Line's basic releases) (all $3)
  • Jason Goes to Hell (Unrated, $5), Jason X ($5), Freddy vs. Jason (2-DVD, $3) (all three in strange ultra slim cases)
  • Wrestlemaniac, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II (Unrated Director's Cut) (both $3)
  • Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre (Unrated), Driftwood (2006), Perfect Creature (2007) (all $3)
  • I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (again, strange ultra slim case, $3)
  • Raw Feed Horror Collection (Rest Stop Unrated, Sublime Unrated, Believers) ($5)
  • Warner Urban Action Set: Black Belt Jones/Black Samson/Hot Potato/Three the Hard Way ($7)
  • AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (1977) ($3) 
  • Rapid Fire (1992) (2011 Fox re-issue) ($5)


DrunkethWizerd said...

I picked up The Mother of Tears on sight for $3 and was super excited about it... until I got home and found out it's the cut version of the film. I returned it a week later.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Damn! That sucks! Had no idea there even was a cut DVD released.

For the curious, just like their individual discs, both Scarecrows and Raw Meat are listed as Unrated.

The old Vidmark DVD of Sometimes They Come Back is cropped to full screen, so this scope presentation on the MGM is deinitely the one to pick up. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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