Saturday, November 3

New Video: A few new Japanese Horror VHS Grabs...



DrunkethWizerd said...

You're still alive! That's good. I'm still alive too... not sure how I feel about that one.

Is that New York Ripper tape all optically fogged up or what?

Real Queen of Horror said...

I wish I had better luck finding affordable, authentic horror VHSs. I find stuff like Sixteen Candles. Not mad at that though.

Jack J said...

Hey Jayson,

Don't get a big head now but I really dig your videos. YouTube is full of fan videos that are basically a waste of time but yours are cool. You should do more.

As you know I collect Japanese tapes too but my approach is a bit different. I got into trashy Filipino Vietnam war movies a few years back, and when I started out it seemed that most of these films were only on Greek and Japanese vhs. And Greek tapes don't always sport the best picture quality. Japanese tapes on the other hand have awesome PQ. Btw, that's one thing you forgot to mention as an aspect as to why it's cool to collect these tapes: The PQ is just better than other tapes. Both the PQ itself and the quality of the tapes. I think I've only had one Japanese tape that had severe tape-roll (or lines or whatever you wanna call tape-screwed-up-ness. LOL). I've got a few horror films too but (of Japanese tapes) I mostly buy stuff that I can't get on DVD. Altho, I do have a few of my favourite films on Japanese vhs as well, simply cos it's fun to have more copies of them. Films like RE-ANIMATOR and TCM2. I think I have around 120 Japanese tapes. Some of them are mint (or NM) and some are faded. In regards to the Filipino films I always tried to win them (on eBay) no matter the condition of the cover - simply cos the films are rare and I wanted the tapes because of the films, not so much as a collector's item. But they're awesome to have and I'm not so sure I'd part with them even if perfect DVD versions came out. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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