Saturday, February 2

Finally snagged one of my most wanted tapes!

I've finally scored one of my most wanted VHS releases, Video City Productions' extremely hard-to-find clamshell of Paul Nashy's Inquisition (Inquisición) (1976) released in 1984! I've included Video City's Jungle Holocaust (1977) from 1985 in the picture merely because it's the only other clam from the distributor in my collection so far. Here's an entry from the past detailing VC's Devil (Xie mo) (1981) big box.

Some information on this particular copy of Inquisition from Bill Knight, proprietor of Midnight Legacy: "This piece is one of the first run tapes of the film. It has superior video quality to the later runs. The first run of tapes of this film from Video City do not have the super-imposed Video City logo over the title screen. The super-imposed logo they added for later runs degraded the video quality (the logo did indeed go away but the signal remained on throughout the film when it should have been turned off). The first run tapes are more complete than later runs - First run of tapes running time: 89 minutes 23 seconds, Later runs: 88 minutes 58 seconds."

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DrunkethWizerd said...

It's about time you updated your site. Sweet find with that Inquisition tape! Alters of Sacrifice are always cool man. Look like they left an exclamation mark off the back though. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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