Saturday, June 15

Concerning the Hatchet series, has Victor Crowley's make-up gotten progressively worse?


First off, please excuse the lack of updates, it's been a hellish work week. Anyway, the latest Hatchet debuted through several distribution methods yesterday and a picture of the newest variant of Crowley popped into my FB newsfeed. Can't say I'm impressed, but I didn't care for the bloated kidney bean design by Greg Smith in the follow-up. They're obviously honing the design for comfort and ease-of-application (also remember hearing it being an homage to the Friday the 13th series), but there's just something about John Carl Buechler's original take on Crowley that the redesign's sorely lack.

That something might be a sense of hyperreality both Jason and Freddy usually possess in their appearances. They look monstrous yet familiar, like through some insane genetic misfiring and physical disfigurement they could actually exist. The bulky rubbery look of the sequel Crowleys push the monster aspect of the sculpt into absurdity. It doesn't help Hodder played the character as more a pure enraged hate machine in Hatchet II than the big murderous kid throwing a confused tantrum in Green's original. In fact, all of the brownish colored gore effects in the follow-up lack the visceral brutality seen the first film despite there being more of them.    

I have other grievances with the second sequel, but I don't want to nitpick further (*cough* stupid unrated theatrical stunt *cough*). Although Buechler's absence certainly shows and the jury is still out on the latest installment since I'm in no rush to see it. The trailer gives off the impression it's the same ol' deal just with cops instead of hapless teens or hick commandos. Does anyone know why the veteran effects artist/director didn't return as effects coordinator for the second or third sequel?

Here's a excerpt from a Horror interview that kinda makes you wonder why Buechler hasn't returned : "...the starting point for me had to be the VICTOR CROWLEY make-up. If I wasn't inspired by his appearance, I wouldn't be inspired to take the next step forward. Adam Green allowed me to design one of the most satisfying characters that I've ever created. As I looked at my sketches and final sculpture, I realized that I’d created a new icon. And the make-up itself, as innovative and horrifying as the Jason Make-up I’d created for my friend Kane Hodder as Jason some 18 years ago. Having an amazing and intense actor as Kane play him made it work on a level beyond amazing."


Brad said...

you're right there's definitely not alot of continuity with his monster makeup. if you held a gun to my head and said you have to make out with one of them, i guess i'd pick the one all the way to the right. although i'm sure he'd still chop my head off after anyway.

Strange Kid said...

The absurdity of the makeup seems to mirror the increased absurdity of the sequels. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the hell outta the original Hatchet, but II and III do absolutely nothing to add to the mythos... except milk it for more money. :/

Anonymous said...

I think the main detractor is the lighting. Having a latex piece like that will be made or destroyed by proper lighting sources. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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