Sunday, June 16

Might wanna grab MGM's Prom Night II DVD soon, it's been Echo Bridged...

Oh shit, much like their multiple horrid From Dusk Till Dawn discs, yet another catalog title has been acquired for their cheap 'n crappy repacks. The fun, sequel-in-name-only Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987) has been cut from the MGM stable where it finally received a DVD in 2008 to now reside with Echo Bridge Entertainment. If you're familiar with the quality of their product you already know what's coming...

I was in Wal Mart yesterday when I spied several new horror multi-packs with this one catching my eye. Damn, five flicks for just five bucks! Unfortunately, my low expectations weren't even met and EB has cranked out yet another piss poor multi-pack. Instead of utilizing MGM's nice anamorphic widescreen presentation, Prom Night II now sports an awful full frame transfer from an old video master (ripped straight from the Canadian DVD from Alliance). Much of the movie is also plagued by a distracting "fluttering" effect to the picture, like the tape source was distorted. It's a cheap disc, but c'mon, why in the hell take such a step backward compared to the DVD we enjoyed previously?

With this, Echo Bridge has pulled another Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (read and see that debacle here). Paramount gave that sequel; again, a nice anamorphic widescreen presentation only for EB to release later using a practically unwatchable source (again, from an old Canadian DVD). It's insulting and despite my purchase of this DVD, stay far away. I bit the bullet for you guys with this one (several bullets since I own a few garbage EBs). The other movies in this set have been released over-and-over, and look like trash as well. The only semi-positive thing about this release is how the first Prom Night is presented in anamorphic widescreen and not widescreen squeezed into full screen like EB's early releases (UK disc still buries it). Best grab MGM's Prom Night II disc while it's readily available or track down a VHS copy. Either alternative is far superior.

(click to enlarge, they all look like crap)

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