Saturday, January 31


Well, you can't win 'em all. An apparently "very rare" Australian VHS of Fright Night Part 2 in a coffin-shaped case just sold on eBay for $36. I knew I should have went higher, but $35 is really the tops I'll pay for a single tape. Still, it's one that got away...

On the bright side, at least I now know such awesomeness exists and I have a few other choice tapes I'm current watching.

Snagged this yesterday, the Premiere Entertainment VHS of The Nightmare Never Ends (Cataclysm) (1980):


KFelon said...

Interesting find on the coffin shaped VHS case. Definitely my first time seeing something like that for VHS.

Dusk said...

Yes, this is 'very rare' here down under. For starters, any VHS is. But specifically this one, by the time the video went into the weekly rental racks, most stores cut the cover down into a rectangular shape then stuffed it into a clamshell. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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