Thursday, March 31

Mark your Calendars! Another New Cult VHS Release! David A. Prior's SLEDGEHAMMER...

Press Release as originally noticed over at Severed Cinema:

Directed by David A. Prior
Stars: Ted Prior, Linda McGill, John Eastman, Janine Scheer, Tim Aquilar, Sandy Brooke, Stephen Wright.

Intervision is proud to present the return of the first shot-on-tape slasher movie for the home video market as well as one of the rarest genre films of all! The plot is familiar: A group of friends comes to party at a backwoods house where a legacy of brutality awaits. But within this minimalist '80s melange of food fights, feathered hair and abusive slow-motion lurks a relentless synth score, bizarre sexual subtexts and a disturbing shape-shifting behemoth killer. The result is 87 minutes of fever-dream depravity, now loaded with brand-new Bonus Features that put it all in skull-shattering perspective. Former Playgirl centerfold Ted Prior (RAW NERVE, DEADLY PREY) stars in this nightmare-logic shocker from writer/ director David A. Prior (KILLER WORKOUT) where the lines between twisted horror and historic gore are pounded to a SLEDGEHAMMER.

Bonus Features include:
- Audio Commentary with Director David A. Prior
- Audio Commentary with Bleeding Skull Creators Joseph A. Ziemba and Dan Budnik. 
- Interview With Director David A. Prior- Hammertime: Featurette with DESTROY ALL MOVIES!!! Author Zack Carlson
- SledgehammerLand: Featurette with Cinefamily Programmers Hadrian Belove And Tom Fitzgerald

Also available in a limited edition (100 copies) VHS release available day/date with DVD!

RELEASE DATE: May 10, 2011

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Jayson Kennedy said...

It appears the VHS will be only(?) available at you dare tread upon the staircase?

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