Friday, April 1

Horror Express (1972) - 1985 Prism Entertainment VHS

Out of the mountain of releases this sadly public domain trainbeast staple has seen choking dollar store shelves through the years; this Prism clamshell is my favorite. Eugenio Martín's Horror Express has had a hard life in the States which is both a blessing and curse. On one hand, there's a certain safety in knowing such a solid and fun horror yarn is always within a half mile of anywhere you go. On the other this widespread availability seems to have created an "outage" of people that have actually seen it. I assume there's a stigma that follows PD cinema in that since it's treated like dirt so it must be dirt. In this case that's certainly untrue and this example deserves a slot in every self-respecting horror fan's collection.

FUN FACT: Comic fans might recognize this cover as the cover of Twisted Tales 3-D  #1 published by PC Comics in 1986.  

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Anthony1138 said...

Great cover art. If Severin used the same art for their upcoming Blu/DVD release, that would be awesome. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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