Tuesday, November 8

Plaga zombie (1997) - 1999 Argentinian Edición mega super ultra especial Farsa Home Video VHS (Second Release)

You run across the strangest things from the most unexpected places on eBay. While throwing random horror titles into the search box last week, this very rare tape popped up and surprisingly I ended up being the only bidder at ten bucks. Some time ago I won the third (and last) VHS release of Plaga zombie in Argentina from a seller in Brazil for way more (seen here).

This second special edition tape was in some punk/alternative vinyl shop in New York City. No idea how an obscure PAL format VHS from South America was ended up in the Lower East Side, but I'm not complaining!

Information on this release from FARSA's official site:
"This was the second edition of Plaga zombie. It included a booklet on the making of the film, the original trailer, three short films from Farsa Productions and an autographed picture of one of the characters. The print run was much larger than the original 1997 VHS. This edition had a single problem because when converting film to video standard used in Argentina (PAL), it lost a bit of image quality and the sound was slightly out-of-sync with the image."

The autographed character photo included ended up being John West played by writer/producer Berta Muñiz. The b/w booklet is in Spanish but filled with production stills, sketches, and behind the scenes photos. There's also five slips that look like free passes or tickets of some sort. You read my wordy review of both Plaga zombie and its awesome sequel here and watch both movies subbed in English via FARSA's YouTube Channel. Latest word on the third sequel, Revolución Tóxica, is that it is complete and will be coming to DVD from Farsa in February 2012!

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Jack J said...

Arrgh!! I love those movies and am totally envious of you now!! (I've got the double DVD of course). A THIRD movie!!?? Gee-whiz!!! I didn't even know that. Awesome.

Congrats on the tape!!

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