Tuesday, March 12

Cheap Media Blasters DVDs at F.Y.E./Suncoast

Over the weekend I moseyed into FYE and Suncoast in two different malls and noticed a few brand new Media Blasters discs at flea market prices. I picked up Die Screaming, Marianne (1971), The Confessional (1976), and Girls Nite Out (1982). They also had Central Park Drifter (1987) for $2.97. All of these looked "fresh" like they were recently stocked and placed in their regular Horror sections. Suncoast even knocked Girls Nite Out to just 99¢ when I bought Marianne with it. I'm unsure if there are others, but it might pay to check if these stores are still in your area...


Stewie said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll check up my way.

Stevie B. said...

I also found WITCHERY for $2 there. Not my favorite movie but it was only $2!

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