Wednesday, March 6

Wizard Video Big Box Re-issue Update: Fuck the Numbers

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Originally, they were advertised as a limited signed and numbered warehouse find, but now Full Moon is selling, see here, unsigned and unnumbered Wizards along with the signed/numbered copies for a measly five bucks less at $45 ($54.50 shipped). I was chatting with Matt Desiderio of Horror Boobs who bought up the excellent point of the unautographed copies essentially proving these big boxes being reprints. Perhaps...

Or at least this opens up the possibly for Band to reprint them, especially the titles that sell well (Fulci's Zombie for one). So who knows what's going on, but now it seems even the collectability of the initial "limited" numbered copies might be jeopardy. The reception in our little community to these has certainly been mixed and this blowback could be affecting sales. I'm not the only one with unanswered questions.

This wrinkle is also more fuel for my speculation of these like-new big boxes eventually strangling the market value of the all-original '80s Wizards. Or maybe my other assumption is coming true and these just aren't selling well due to their high price and sheer dumpy quality of many of the movies. Either way, my advice would be to continue hunting in the flesh and digitally for the real deals, instead of these hipster mantle pieces.

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