Monday, December 7

The Haywire Hayride, The Extra Hard Answers, and My Ackroydian Mug on Youtube

Remember this awesome entry, Haunted Hayride, and I'm the ideas guy, way back in September? Well, much to my chagrin, the powers that be castrated the whole idea of holding a Halloween shindig to begin with. There was no clubhouse party, no ode to Roger Watkins, no chainless chainsaws buzzing off in the darkness, and not even a single mask. Hell, what did occur didn't even take place at night. The hayride happened, but in broad daylight at high noon with merely a few tacky Wal Mart window bat and haunted house stickies for the multitude of toddlers in attendance. Dammit. After all this I lost interest in posting an update. There's always next year since this was a case of planning too much too late, but it's still a great idea.

Congratulations to Steampunk of Age of Empire who correctly identified the first capture in BoGD's first-ever Extra Freakin' Hard Guess The Horror Screenshots challenge as the truly god awful Flight to Hell (2002) from Plankton director Massimiliano Cerchi. A pile of rancid Italian trash featuring the worst CG-rendered backgrounds in cinematic history that once and forever proves Bruno Mattei was certainly not the worst genre director the country produced. The second capture is from León Klimovsky's Saga of the Draculas (La saga de los Drácula) (1972). I was actually mistaken in my hints in the comments concerning this film. I thought this film hadn't received an official DVD release, but in fact Deimos Entertainment bowed an American SE DVD under the title The Dracula Saga. My copy is a DVD-R from "Halemark" under the Saga of the Draculas title and appears to have been sold at carnivals or traveling freakshows. The third capture is from Masaru Tsushima's The Haunted Lantern (Otsuyu: Kaidan botan-dôrô) (1998). A throwback to the classic Japanese ghost yarns from Shintoho which no one seems to have seen both in its native country or in America via its Central Park DVD. I'll throw up another one of these challenges in the future and maybe make it not so difficult.

I'm off this evening for I Walked with a Zombie with Warner's restoration after struggling to get through the poor Spanish DVD from Manga Films. Also if you haven't yet, check out my Youtube Channel and become my friend and such if you wish.

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Steampunk said...

Cheers for the link!

After a couple of years of bad-movie watching, me and my friends actually developed a sick affection for certain directors (especially Bruno Mattei, Claudio Fragrasso and Godfrey Ho). But Cerchi... the man's got his own block reserved in bad-movie hell. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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