Thursday, December 17

Video: The Tape Cut-ups, Pt. 1

Here's a video of some of my VHS cut boxes. Most of these are "lesser" selections but there's a few interesting ones mixed in. Tomorrow is finally Friday; so I hope to veg out after a laborious work week, watch a few flicks, attend the swap meet (snow permitting), wait on a few mailed goodies, and lurk around BoGD. Enjoy my 1,086 instances of "uhhh" during this vid!


DrunkethWizerd said...

You're like, "Yeah, I got a few VHS..." and the camera pans up to nothing but a Sea of tapes flooding the place. Hah.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Cut-Up tour. Cool collection. What's funny is that I have the original theatrical posters for at least three of those films: Slithis, Laser Blast, and Swamp Thing.

--J/Metro you dare tread upon the staircase?

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