Sunday, December 27

Paranormal Activity on DVD: Where's the Beef, Dammit?

I was going to save this for a review tomorrow, but checking out the Paramount DVD just now (found early at Wal Mart), I found out some pertinent details regarding the versions available on this release. According the IMDB's alternate versions page, there's a "director's cut" of the feature that supposedly runs 99 minutes in length. This version isn't on this official DVD. The disc is advertised as having the R-rated theatrical version as well as an unrated version with an alternate ending. Both the theatrical version and unrated version run an exact total of one hour, twenty-six minutes, and twenty-five seconds according to my DVD player and DVD-ROM.

The unrated version is actually a bit of a falsehood, as the only thing that appears to be different is the ending. The ending described on the IMDB page linked above is not the alternate ending presented on this DVD. I assume Paramount didn't submit the disc's alternate ending to the MPAA so tacking it onto the R-rated cut makes the same cut then "unrated". According to this blog entry concerning the film's multiple endings at Roger really, the IMDB ending was the director's original, while the ending presented on this DVD is a "rare alternate ending screened publicly only once." Not spoiling it here, but the alternate ending on this disc is the last one described in detail by the author of Roger really.

Aside from the theatrical Spielberg cut and the seamlessly branched alternate ending, all of the material and aural alterations described in the "director's cut" aren't presented nor is the third ending (that was available to be seen online on YouTube and MovieWeb before Paramount pulled it). The DVD's only other extra is a trailer for Scorsese's Shutter Island (see the main menu here). Paramount appears to be holding out on us and that's bullshit. Where's the definitive DVD/Blu-ray release featuring the director's preferred version? Especially with how long we've had to wait to finally experience Oren Peli's film. Spread the word on this. Also anyone know if the director's cut or version featuring the third ending is available online, uhhh, nefariously?

*EDIT: The Spanish credit screens were for the Spanish language dub track also on the disc. Never seen such credits on a DVD before...


Lee Russell said...

I'm getting sick of this double-dipping shit. Sadly, people will but the initial versions and then upgrade to the special editions or Blu-ray versions. I personally don't accept this sort of thing. I've yet to buy "Kill Bill" or "Grindhouse", for example, until they bring out the promised box sets.

Anonymous said...

That sucks. Thanks for the heads up. I would have felt cheated.

Did you purchase it online or is it actually available in stores?

I Like Horror Movies said...

Are you fucking kidding me.. I was looking forward to an in depth background on the origins of the true story and a segment on the special FX of the film. Very lame.

the jaded viewer said...

Wow thats just utter crap. Now there are 3 DIFFERENT ENDINGS??!?!?

Jeez. I saw the police one and I like the Spielberg ending better. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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