Tuesday, April 6

Lazy Bastard Tuesday

I have some forthcoming thoughts on Night of the Comet still simmering since Sunday, but here's another tepid filler entry! First, I'd like to thank Patrick of Stabbing, Stabbing, Stabbing for the mention a few days ago. Also check out Drunketh's recent awesome Demons - The Musical entry. I dare say he nailed the re-casts! In retail news, it looks like New Line pushed back the A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray to next Tuesday...dammit. I spied The Collector at Sam's Club for $13.87 this evening. A much better deal than Best Buy's $19.99. Also the Blu-ray of Big Trouble in Little China, which sports a stunning transfer, is only $14.99 at Target right now. Best Buy has the Blus of Snyder's Dawn remake and Romero's Land for $9.99 as well. Finally, after what seemed like weeks of waiting, the Unicorn Video clamshell VHS of The Black Gestapo, a promo VHS screener of Academy Entertainment's Shock 'Em Dead, and Dimension's Inside (À l'intérieur) arrived. Inside is actually now out-of-print, so it might be wise to snap up any cheap copies you might find at swap meets and such.


Bryce Wilson said...

The Black Gestapo is one of the most jaw droppingly unbelievable films I've ever seen.

Not so much because of the subject matter (though that's part of it) but more because the movie is so cheap I don't think they're faking half the stuff in the movie.

There's a scene where a pimp beats the crap out of a hooker, and I swear to God they just hired a hooker and beat her up. There's no way they could afford an actress and track mark makeup.

Jayson Kennedy said...

LOL, I've never seen it, but now I must. Probably have to buy it again on another cheapie tape or DVD, Not opening the Unicorn tape!

Anthony1138 said...

If you can find the old BCI 'What It Is...What It Was!' - 10 Movies Set, Black Gestapo's there along with a few more kick-ass Blaxploitation flix.

On an unrelated note, check out my blog:


(sorry for the shameless plug)

Anthony1138 said...

Also, I'm interested to read your thoughts on Inside. I watched this in a double feature along with Frontier(s). After all the hype for that whole "new wave" of French gore-drenched horror, I wasn't impressed at all. I thought Martyrs blew them both away.

Drunketh said...

Dude, thanks for the shoutout.

Black Gestapo. I rented and taped that from an ol' mom and pop shop back in 2002. It stars that dude Mac from Night Court... pretty funny shit to see him in this crazy ass movie. Definately watch it asap.

KFelon said...

Damn Bryce, I think you just sold me on watching it.

Anonymous said...

My local Wal Mart has an Urban Action set for $5 which features Black Gestapo (picked up a copy recently) so you might want to check there. Haven't watched it yet but now I'm intrigued. Inside was decent. At least it was watchable (unlike Martyrs which I hated).

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