Wednesday, February 9

Alien (1979) - 1981 Magnetic Video Corporation (MVC) Laser Videodisc

The first LaserDisc release of Ridley Scott's Alien that accompanied its first VHS and Betamax cassette releases from the first studio releasing two of the formats in North America. Two LD set with the first two sides in CLV extended play (one hour) and the last side in CAV standard play (half hour). The CAV disc has an un-reflective "dead" side with no information recorded on it. You can actually see the glue when the disc was pressed through the clear side (seen here). Later on, studios mirrored the dead side to look like the recorded side.

Like many LDs this early, the discs are suffering laser rot with speckling throughout, and the CX Stereo audio track is quite harsh. This theatrical version presentation is panned-and-scanned full screen, but certainly looks far superior to tape-based formats especially in close-ups. Unlike "modern" LDs; there's no chapters, alternate audio track, or minutes/seconds display (the player only displays minutes when this is played). $34.95 MSRP in early '80s money. Visit here for more information on MVC's Laserdiscs.

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