Sunday, February 27

Death Wish (1974) - 1981 Paramount Home Video LaserDisc

Another early Laserdisc release. This one is interesting because of the Pioneer logo stamping (top left in the black) and "Made in Japan" sticker on the back cover. MCA were the first replicator to produce the actual LaserDisc discs in first few years of the format when introduced in the late '70s. They rather sucked at the manufacturing process and many of their "Discovision" pressings suffer bad laser rot now. Pioneer picked up the ball, fostering LD for decades afterward, and with these markings I assume this disc was pressed at Pioneer's facilities in Japan.

The single CLV Extended Play disc has some tiny line dropouts evident, but far less than the MCA discs I own (including Magnetic Video's Alien). This presentation is unmatted to full frame; which is nice since my display has a zoom option that frames the picture at around 1.85:1 without distorting proportions (seen below). Like Alien, there's no chapter skips and the time display on the player's face only registers minutes.

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