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Virgin Among the Living Dead (Christina, princesse de l'érotisme) (1973) - 1985 Careyvision Ltd. U.S. VHS

Awhile back I shared information about this rare North American NTSC formatted tape of Jess Franco's A Virgin Among the Living Dead from the Britain-based Careyvision Limited to Robert Monell of I'M IN A JESS FRANCO STATE OF MIND (click to directly view his post with pictures). Well, I found another recently and just wanted to share this snap of them. Strangely, the cover's paper stock is unusually "flat" and not glossy like most clamshell covers. They almost look inkjet printed, but given how old the tapes are (glue failure on the labels) these aren't bootlegs. This makes the covers extremely delicate and I can't slip them out to perform a proper scan without risking serious damage. Careyvision also released NTSC-friendly "Horror Theatre" editions of The Invisible Dead (La vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible) (1971) and Crimson (Las ratas no duermen de noche) (1976) (thanks to Mike of Bootleg Screen Printing for this tip!)

(tape info I posted at the Cinemadrome forum)
Language: English w/ English front/end credits
Ratio: Full Screen
Runtime: 1:28:03 (88 minutes, 3 seconds) (from film start to fade to black)
Tape Type: T105 (105 minutes)
Playback VCR: U.S. Sony SLV-640HF (60Hz NTSC-only)

NO BBFC Certification at the beginning of the tape
The film ends with Christina "going mad" and the final shot is her lying on a bed with "THE END" imposed along the bottom of the picture.
The nudity is either cut, blacked out, or blotted out by a purple halo.
Rollin's zombie inserts are included.

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Eric Cotenas said...

I believe their INVISIBLE DEAD is actually the covered version, rather than a dub of the Wizard tape. Can anyone confirm?

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