Tuesday, December 29

Let's Make It Three Days: Another Entry about Paranormal Activity!

So Jayson, how about some VHS scans, a review of some obscure crap, or a video where you incessantly gloat about your collection? Yeah, I know how you feel, more about Paranormal Activity. This will be the last day of PA-madness...well, maybe until the weekend. Though I've found an interesting tidbit concerning the availability of the director's cut or at least a version differing from the theatrical cut.

Geof and Anthony on yesterday's entry commented about seeing the flick's original cut from a screener. Poking around torrents, there appears to be bootleg videos that all hover within 97 minutes. This runtime more-or-less matches the supposed duration of the director's cut. The resolution details of these videos also all match that of an anamorphic DVD presentation (852x480), so I'm assuming these are jacked from a DVD screener of the original cut they speak of. The last still at the bottom right (red arrow) of the encode preview below is from the film's third and original ending.

Just to be absolutely clear, there's the three endings and the versions they're tied to (spoilers, highlight to read): 1. The Paramount Theatrical Cut: Micah killed, throw at camera, and Katie possessed. / 2. The DVD's alternate ending: Micah killed, Katie slits own throat in front of camera. / 3. The original cut's ending: Micah killed, Katie possessed, police arrive.

Now, my skill with the whole torrent thing is that of a retarded chimp that's just been hit by a car while on Valium, so I have no idea how to download/play/whatever the file. Please don't ask me where to find it. I found this image through a simple Google Images search. I know of a guy at the swap meet whose had bootleg discs of the film for weeks, so hopefully he'll have them this coming weekend. See? I tried to be a good little media-responsible consumer and wait for what I figured was the "right" and legal home video release. Paramount didn't send review copies on DVD or Blu-ray out, so the most prevalent illegal version right now seems to be the original cut.

I seldom condone bootlegs of such recent, widely available films, but this is push coming to shove given what I've been annoying you with since Sunday. I bought Paramount's DVD legally from an "authorized" nationwide chain store, so they already have my $20. I want to see and own the original cut as a supplement. When Paramount gets around to doing the right thing, I'll end up buying their SE DVD with "the version you've never seen!" presumably with the arrival of Paranormal Activity Part Deux. Or perhaps when/if an overseas distributor saves the film from this version hell with their DVD or Blu-ray release, please!?!

I will (hopefully) have some time off for New Years starting Thursday, so I'll have some time to relax and vary up the content of BoGD.


Jayson Kennedy said...

Just received an "infraction" for mentioning that the only way to see the film uncut is via a bootleg over at the AVS Forum. Last time ever post over there, you can tell where their priorities lie...

Fear Finder said...

That's retarded! I thought everything was fair game there...hmph

I've had a chance to check out all three variations on the ending, and in all honesty the original is the weakest one...but, I would've liked it included as an option so I might have to stay away from the DVD for awhile..cheers for the heads up.

Anthony1138 said...

That's pretty gay about AVS Forum. Oops, I hope I don't get an infraction for calling AVS Forum gay!

DrunkethWizerd said...

You know, I've been at a few different boards over the last ten years and I think I'm calling it quits with the whole posting aspect. After the Film-Talk close and AVManiacs denying my entrance, I'm just not feelin' it. I may post on the Rue Morgue boards another few times, but it's going to be rare. Especially if any shit goes down.

Anyways, Jayson, why are you so hell bent on this Paranormal thing? I saw the theatrical version and while it's a pretty cool movie to watch with a crowd of really scared middle age chicks and paranoid stoners, it was just a little above average I felt. Still, I understand that you'd like all versions in one.

Jordan in Texas said...

Dunno about AVS, but I was really shocked to try to go to Film-Talk today and notice that it was shut down. Sad day for me.

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