Saturday, February 20

Guess what I just saw in an episode of Seinfeld...

So I pass by the TV and that one episode of Seinfeld is on where Jerry is stuck with a car that reeks of BO--1993's "The Smelly Car" to be exact. Early on the gang is a video store and George awkwardly runs into his ex-girlfriend-turned-lesbian Susan with her new girlfriend. The couple is standing in front of racks of "face-out" clamshell VHS as George is sweating and of course I'm scoping out all the tapes at a distance of two feet away from the screen. Susan's girlfriend walks out of frame to the left and guess what tape I see in the center of the screen right by the elbow of Susan. Out of the hundreds of thousands of possibilities, my little eye spies by the clarity of TBS-HD, the most coveted tape ever released by Unicorn Video and one of most sought after of all American tapes. It only appears for a couple seconds, but I have it dead to rights in all its clamshell glory.

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