Wednesday, February 17

OGROFF - The Midnight Video DVD-R

This one along with two other "mystery" DVD-Rs arrived today from Midnight Video. The video quality is still rough, but lacks the heavy digital compression of the video file over at MegaUpload. The 625x480 interlaced image does look a little processed, but Midnight might have transferred the SECAM tape to NTSC standard using a digital method. Here's some untouched captures (click for full size) from the disc, I'm saving the other two phantom flicks for this weekend, so stay tuned! In case you haven't checked out my recent entries about Ogroff, take a gander at The Possible Origin, Glory, and Gift of OGROFF, THE MAD MUTILATOR (1983) and Ogroff Follow-up: The VHS Editions & Other Crap.


DrunkethWizerd said...

Did you get em for free?

Jayson Kennedy said...

Nah, but I struck a deal with a reseller on eBay I've dealt with for quite some time.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Here's a cap from the video, just to show how compressed it is:

Nachthymnen said...

I own the American Video release that I can trade. If you have any tapes trade list, you can send it to me ;) you dare tread upon the staircase?

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