Monday, April 5

Africa Blood & Guts (Africa addio) (1966) - 1983 Vidcrest VHS

Been a long day, so here's another scan of a tape rarity, mondo-style!


Anonymous said...

Nice. I recently picked up a VHS of the original Mondo Cane (box is cut and put in a clear clamshell) from my local video store that went out of business. Wonder if its worth anything?

the jaded viewer said...

Is their a VHS copy of Goodbye Uncle Tom? And if so, do you know it dude?

Jayson Kennedy said...

I don't believe so, I know Vidcrest also released Mondo Cane 1 and 2 on tape though.

Also Starmummy, it's probably worth something to someone... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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