Wednesday, April 14

One from the back of the video store...

Electric Blue oo1 (1982) - Kenyon Video, Inc. VHS, you can tell this is from the early days since there's no overly explicit stills on the cover. That "show-all" trend started later. Also the clamshell has a sticker stuck inside opposite of the cassette with the contents rundown like the back cover. Hosted by Fiona Richmond with special appearances from Marilyn Chambers and John Holmes. Runtime: 60 minutes.


Mr. Fiendish said...

Marilyn Chambers here looks more masculine than usual

Jayson Kennedy said...

Haha, I noticed that too...unsure what to make of that, lol

Zach S. said...

I remember these being in the section just past horror.

Coincidence? I think not... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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