Thursday, May 27

Dinner with the Vampire (A cena col vampiro) (1988) - 2002 Japanese Pioneer LDC DVD

I haven't seen this one yet, but I've enjoyed everything I've ever seen from Lamberto Bava, even Graveyard Disturbance which belongs with this feature in the Brivido giallo series of Italian made-for-TV horror movies. The others, also directed by Bava, are Until Death (Per sempre) and Demons 3: The Orge (La casa dell'orco). Mya Communications have released Dinner along with Death and Disturbance stateside; while Shriek Show released Demons 3 awhile ago. This Japanese disc has English audio, but is non-anamorphic with the Mya disc sporting an anamorphic transfer. Still, I like Pioneer's total cover art way more. It's funny to think that a television movie barely known today even in its native country has vastly better artwork than a slew of better known horror titles.


KFelon said...

That's shocking to hear the MYA release is actually anamorphic. That seems to be a rarity for them to do. How does the picture quality compare?

Anthony1138 said...

Japanese cover art is almost always better than US cover art. Just check out the amazing SPO cover for Squirm, it totally blows the MGM art away:

DrunkethWizerd said...

Why is that Mya cover art so DARK!? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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