Sunday, May 9

Treasure of Bruce Le (1980) / Big Rascal (1979) - 1983 Best Film & Video Home Video VHS

This was the best tape I found this weekend; at least through the stumbling haze of the most hellish cold/flu/leather-lined throat in a magnesium inferno I've ever had for the past few days. Kung-fu flicks on home video seemed just as disposable years ago as they are presently so I don't go nuts collecting them on VHS. That is, unless they're in a cool clamshell/big box or from an old obscure company. This one is from early '80s studio BFV Home Video, whose other notable tapes include Joseph Zito's Bloodrage (1979), the Christopher George Deliverance rip-off Whiskey Mountain (1977), and a Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1974) / The Mad Butcher (1971) double feature. All shared the puffy clamshell, festive family art layout seen below. Even Bloodrage, with the front cover's "film frame" still depicting a bloodied woman dead from a malicious stabbing...surrounded by stars and purple people cheering. "The Best keeps getting better"

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Buscemi said...

BFV was also a film distributor, having distributed Fred Williamson's The Big Score and the Martin Landau dud The Being into theatres.

They also released several of the Benji movies on video. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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