Monday, May 31

Ravenous (1999) - Press Kit

Found this bit of awesomeness while digging through some boxes today. It's supposed to be F.W. Colqhoun's (Robert Carlyle) cannibalistic journal.



Mister Bones said...

I could dig through boxes the rest of my life and I'll simply NEVER come across anything that comes even remotely close to topping this. Simply awesome.

Buscemi said...

I'm kind of surprised that this movie actually had a press kit, seeing how Fox did such a poor job of releasing it.

But yeah, awesome press kit. You don't see ones like this one often.

Pauline said...

Made. Of. Awesome. I love this movie and watch it more often than I am willing to discuss. Thank you for sharing!

Aylmer said...

Great little movie. I'm very fond of it. Love the OST too.

Will Errickson said...

Really need to see it again; as I recall it was one of the first modern horror movies that got me excited about the genre again. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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