Saturday, May 1

The Naked Cage (1986) - 1986 Cannon/MEDIA Home Entertainment VHS

This is the best of today's scant few swap meet/yard sale finds that also included Henry 2: Mask of Sanity, the Bos's macho biker bullshit opus Stone Cold, Love at First Bite, the sideshow documentary Freaks Uncensored!, and Paramount's clamshell of Billy Zane's superhero misfire The Phantom with a big "picture-shifting" cover insert. Notice how the aggressors on the front cover below all appear to be African American? Unsure how take that. Anyway, Produced Exclusively on JVC Tape!


venoms5 said...

Which LOVE AT FIRST BITE you get, Jayson? Is it the Orion one, or the old Warner tape with the original music?

That movie deserves a proper DVD edition with the original music. That scene with Hamilton and Susan Saint James on the dance floor just doesn't play the same without 'I Love the Nightlife' playing on the soundtrack.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Is that Johnny Depp? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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