Sunday, June 27

Death Warmed Up (1984) - 1986 Japanese Daiei Co. Ltd. VHS

As my fourth entry about this film and a follow-up to the latest previous entry, Daiei's VHS from Japan is uncut as far as matching the North American Vestron VHS. The image quality is noticeably superior to the three other editions I've talk about. Colors are not just richer, but the entire color cast of the feature is improved over the harsh, desaturated look of the others. An example being the appearance of a truck on a ferry boat being a dirty peachy orange on the US tape, UK DVD, and Japanese DVD. On this tape, the truck is a neutral taxi cab yellow. Fleshtones look much more natural as well. The tape came in a clear, thick plastic cassette form-fitting case. The cover fits right against the cassette itself which I believe is the original packaging. Really like this one more-and-more with every watch. Nothing revolutionary, but it's pleasingly solid and ends up commendably bleak. Notice the super happy brain below... :)


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