Friday, June 25

Happy Birthday, Freddy in Space!

Freddy in Space

Just wanted to give a happy birthday shout out to Freddy in Space which turns a ripe old age of two today. Long time Basement visitors are probably aware of the banner above as it has sat in my "Haunts" to the left for awhile now. While Final Girl helped bring me to blogging, FiS encouraged me to stay with it, even though Johnny's blog isn't too much older. Johnny was the first horror blogger I actually had correspondence with via email and he does contemporary horror blogging right. He's like the Bruce Lee of the horror blogosphere in that his content has no form. Honest, lively, and diverse enough that you find yourself dropping daily. I get bummed out if he disappears for too long.

Yeah, sounds like I'm kissing his ass but Johnny is truly one of the nicest of all of the nice bloggers I've met since starting BoGD. Always very personable in my contacts and kind enough to periodically throw up a mention of this place over at Freddy. Plus I got my cherished Sam from Johnny back in April. Happy Birthday!

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