Wednesday, June 30

Violent Shit (1987) & Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence (1991) - Reel Gore Productions VHS

Last I heard, Synapse Films has the Violent Shit series and Zombie '90 for a 4-flick DVD box set in the future, but these two tapes have a certain tiny history about them. These were released over a decade ago by the production company, Reel Gore, before Brain Damage Films later released the trilogy retitled "Violent Sh*t" on their own cardboard slipbox VHS editions.

These seem very hard-to-find, no idea where these were available for purchase years ago, and I've only seen the VS tape in a $250 lot of horror VHS on eBay. The boring Brain Damage tapes often garner highish prices. The thing is I'm unsure whether the Violent Shit tape is legit. The large clamshell matches Zombie '90, just solid white, and the tape has what looks like a legit label. The cover looks printed on a sheet of standard copy paper, but the quality of the ink is rich and well-defined. A shitty PC printer wouldn't have given the cover the same pop and made the paper very wrinkly from the saturation. Still, I'm unsure. Zombie '90 has the usual "heavy" cover stock and a better quality tape label.



the jaded viewer said...

Nice dude. Brings back memories as I searched for these Schnaas flicks in every convention I went to.

Jack J said...

Wauw, awesome! Congrats with these uber rare tapes!! (please send them to me!!!). I've got none of the ones you show here but... I've got VS2!

- There is also a German DVD & VHS version that contains all three films. I believe the DVD has tons of extras + commentary tracks but without English subs. I have the VHS version which unfortunately only contains very few of the extras. I also bought the new German box set ( ltd to 999 copies and it doesn't include ZOMBIE '90) which has English subs but omits the extras from the first box. Heaps of horror & gore fans dismiss these films but I love them. This is what all fan made amateur splatter film making is about. xD.

xiaNaix said...

The version of Zombie '90 released on DVD is missing some stuff. I'm not sure exactly but, if I remember correctly, at least one of the best lines was cut. It may have been "Now I'm gonna run this motherf*cker's dick over!" I have a poor quality copy on VHS that I got from Video Wasteland back in the 90's. Would love to see a better quality complete copy. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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