Saturday, June 26

Go to your local Hispanic Swap Meet, there's Horror there!

Nothing against the people; I just didn't expect to find this bounty of goodies there on my first trip. I was hoping to perhaps find some horror or trashy action on Mexican VHS. Sadly nothing of the sort, but the sheer amount of DVDs both legal and "not" bordered on amazing. Many swap meets, both in-door and outdoor, have rules as to how many of their sellers can carry DVDs. I guess they assume that there are too many disc peddlers that could clog their limited space. This particular place wasn't one of them. Nearly every fifteen feet or so there sat another stuffed DVD vendor or "normal" seller with a few.

Needless to say I went hogfuckingwild until I got a headache from the eye strain of scoping tiny spines. I will caution that while there was a'plenty, many were bootlegs. I managed to find a guy with a bevy of terribly faded DVDs with the only unfaded being a bunch of factory sealed Shock-O-Rama/e.i. Independent titles. I grabbed one of each including Freak (1999), Suburban Nightmare (2004), Satan's Black Wedding (1975)/Criminally Insane (1975), Slime City (1989), Premutos (Premutos - Der gefallene Engel) (1997), Lust for Frankenstein (1998)/Tender Flesh (1998), Cremains (2001), Screaming Dead (2001), and Demon Sex (2005). Nothing really standout, except for Slime City (Cremains isn't too bad as well), but hell, all nine for $20 is a steal.

I then found a sealed copy of Shriek Show's FleshEater (1988) for 50¢ and the Jing's Production HK DVD of Erotic Nightmare (Ang wan nyn mung) (1999) starring Anthony Wong for a buck. As for the tape finds, I nearly struck out until the very end when a talkative guy in a van had a few cardboard boxes. I snagged the Weintraub editions of The Evil Dead and The Return of the Living Dead which are the last gasp of Thorn EMI's home video output. Vestron's Evil Dead 2, Lorimar's ROLD Part II (w/ the original score), Anchor Bay's Evil Dead 2 clamshell, Embassy's The Stepfather, Media's The Curse, HBO/Cannon's clam of Back to School (excellent condition for such a white cover), Anchor Bay's Demons 1 & 2 (have like 4 copies of each now), MCA's Halloween III: Season of the Witch, and Urban Classics's Assault of the Killer Bimbos. All for $10. Insanity. I'll have to make this swap meet a usual suspect, despite the "Enter At Your Own Risk" sign out front (not kidding).

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