Monday, August 9

Jungle Heat (Last Breath) (1985) - Greek Joconda Video VHS

I've been going through a bit of VHS withdraw as of late. The swap meets and yard sales have been rather dry (temps have been especially scorching). I have a few tapes coming from Japan that appear be dead set on transversing the globe several times before maybe arriving. Even eBay hasn't yielded greatness...until now. This is the Greek tape of Jobic Wong's Jungle Heat (1985). Over-the-top war exploitation originally shot as "Last Breath" in Taiwan. An international version, entitled Jungle Heat, was prepared at the same time with footage of actors Sam J. Jones and Christoper Doyle intercut into the original film. Here's more information, including a clip of the acid brain infusion torture sequence, over at Jack J's great war exploiter blog, When the Vietnam War the Philippines. I'm unsure if it's merely because I haven't snagged a good tape lately, but I'm unusually giddy over this one! And like Frank's oft-worn phrase on American Pickers--had to have it. 

Here's the seller's description: "Vintage prior rental Greek made PAL format VHS on the "Joconda Video" label showing Hong Kong director Jobic Wong's nauseating, sadistic, nasty, mean-spirited 1985 Indochina warfare trash epic JUNGLE HEAT (or LAST BREATH and Al calor de la Jungla to our Italian speaking eBay friends) with Sam J. Jones as Captain (Flash) Gordon for about 20 minutes, leading a team of cut-throats recruited as truck drivers in some obscure mission to mess with Mr. Victor Charlie. Ultra-violent and despicable, the scene where they light the rats on fire was a bit too much for me after seeing FANTASTIC PLANET, though the legendary brain drilling acid torture "Header" scene got a chuckle out of the peanut gallery after a case of beer, but what wouldn't. With Christopher Doyle, Bobby Ming, Craig Scott Galper, Lila Nguyen and Lawrence Fang. Musical score by Anders Nelsson. Fullscreen English language presentation with Greek subtitles running about 87 minutes PAL 25fps and believed to be uncut. Not my cup of tea to say the least, has been part of my collection since 2006 and high time we found it a new home with another collector of the bizarre who has a stronger stomach that myself. Yikes." 

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