Saturday, August 21

Nightmare (1981) - U.S. 21st Century Film Corporation Theatrical Trailer

I tend poke around YouTube periodically looking for new videos concerning Romano Scavolini's ultra nasty Nightmare (Nightmares in a Damaged in Brain) (1981) and here's a somewhat recent upload from user russ6406 that I missed. This appears to be the original North American trailer with the corrected title, design, and even mention of Tom Savini. The modern effects legend may or may not have worked on the film, but upon discovering (or merely being ashamed of) his affiliation, he had his name taken off the film with legal threats. Echoes of Savini's mixed feelings over his participation in Lustig's sadistic Maniac (1980). This trailer, which I've never seen before, looks great for a YouTube video aside from being a bit dark. Definitely a scummy slice of heyday exploitation that deserves more recognition even with Scavolini being rather full of myself.   

Code Red's long awaited authorized DVD debut is thankfully still on track and you can read the latest update of Nightmare's hard road on their blog here. I know I'm buying more than one copy! Judging by the remarks, it's now more important than ever to support Code Red with your cash. They do a great job and have recovered some excellent titles even Blue Underground and Media Blasters (Anchor Bay is dead as a horror/cult catalog distributor) haven't seemed interested in. Not to mention the advisory that some of their titles possibly going out of print soon with only one pressing.                     

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