Sunday, August 22

The Video Dead (1987) - British 1987 Medusa Home Video VHS

This was from eBay and I was surprised to be the only bidder given the collector's market popularity of the U.S. tape. The Video Dead has really grown on me over the past few viewings. If there ever was a strangely "quaint" example of a zombie feature (besides the totally crap Return of the Living Dead: Part 2), this little made-for-video feature is it. Some of my thoughts and details on the campaign to get MGM to unlock the film from its analog video bounds can be found here.

In regards to this PAL VHS from Medusa Home Video (BBFC listing here), I'm unsure if this was common for the studio, but the cover is double-sided. I had no idea until some Goo Gone got in between the large clamshell case and plastic cover while cleaning. I could see Medusa's logo through the wet spot (this solution doesn't stain once dried) and sure enough the "red" cover below was hiding on the reverse. Pretty cool surprise I must say!


DrunkethWizerd said...

Totally fucking sweet double-sided cover! That's badass.

Anonymous said...

Man they dont make them like that anymore !

Fynnbrenn said...

What the... I've owned the tape for some time, saw this double-sided cover online here and took a dive in the collection to check my Medusa versio...


Man ;-) hehe. Not every Medusa cover is though. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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