Sunday, August 1

This Island Earth Metaluna Handmade Wall Hanger(?)

Just got back from another expedition in Pennsylvania. Scored some tapes, discs, and more horror mags, but this is by far the best find. This is the iconic Metaluna mutant brain alien from This Island Earth (1955). The seller's tag at an antique mall stated it was an "Alien Head Wall Hanger/Artist Made". It's indeed "artist made" weighing in at four pounds of hand painted/molded plaster. There are no artist markings whatsoever on the piece, but whoever made it did one helluva job on the sculpt and paint. The back is painted black with brush marks and slight lumps in the plaster. Two little rings are "baked" into the back for hanging (no way I'm going to risk hanging it). Needless to say, this thing is completely bad ass, and appears be to unique. At least I can't find it through my searches online. Fifteen bucks well spent!              


Bill said...

You lucky son of a gun. I'd eat a puppy just to be able to own that.

Jayson Kennedy said...

:)I knew you'd especially like this.

Two more angles:

Pauline said...

Showed this to my 11 year old daughter. Her eyes got wide and she simply said: "I want it."

Sometimes it's good to be a Mom.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Cooooooooooooooool! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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