Monday, September 6

Back Covers of Code Red's Upcoming MADMAN & NIGHT CHILD

Just ran across these two and thought I'd share. Code Red is set to debut a 30th Anniversary Edition of Joe Giannone's Madman (1982) on September 28th and Massimo Dallamano's Night Child (Il medaglione insanguinato) (1975) on September 7th, or tomorrow! Click here to scope out the old Cocktail Video VHS of Night Child. I never particularly cared for Madman, but considering the Anchor Bay disc has been OOP and is demanding high collector prices, Code Red is doing a great service to fans with this re-issue.


DrunkethWizerd said...

Sweet. I've been wanting the Night Child for a long time now.

Why the hell is Tarantino's name on the back of that Madman cover anyways? On top of that, the comment moderation had me type the word "dongs" to post this. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I have the UK Anchor Bay of Madman and I thought the movie was kind of crappy. I'll have to revisit it but it just seemed boring to me. Night Child sounds good though (especially since I loved Beyond the Door). you dare tread upon the staircase?

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